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Shift Shift Bloom
A Podcast About How People Change
Shift Shift Bloom is a podcast examining how people change, why they change, and how they sustain the changes that are most important to them in their everyday lives. Our guests consider themselves change makers, change embracers and change resistors — we’re all somewhere on that spectrum at different times in our lives, aren’t we? Conversations with host Kristen Cerelli explore the impact of mindset, personality, life circumstances, communities of support and sources of inspiration on the process of transformation. Illuminating how change can be both deeply personal and profoundly universal is the show's guiding principle.

Shift Shift Bloom is produced by host Kristen Cerelli and audio engineer Timothy Fall at ActuallyQuiteNice, a full-service media studio. They develop the show in collaboration with Dr. John Lyons, Director of both The Center for Innovation in Population Health at The University of Kentucky, and The Praed Foundation, which supports the development and dissemination of systems improvement strategies called Transformational Collaborative Outcomes Management, or TCOM. Online at https://praedfoundation.org, https://tcomconversations.org and https://iph.uky.edu.

Season One new regular episodes drop every Monday from February 14 to April 18, 2022, and are accompanied by "TCOM Takeaways" -- special in-depth discussions between Dr. John Lyons and Kristen Cerelli, that extract common themes, ongoing questions and powerful insights on the topic of transformation. It's safe to say there's no formula for navigating change, but John and Kristen will keep looking for and articulating the universal tenets of the process.

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Kristen Cerelli

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Host Kristen Cerelli created Shift Shift Bloom in collaboration with Dr. John Lyons of the Center for Innovation in Population Health at the University of Kentucky. She's also an actor, singer-songwriter and performance coach.

John Lyons

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John S. Lyons, Ph.D. is the Directory of the Center for Innovation in Population Health and a Professor of Health Management. He is a luminary in mental health policy and practice, and the original developer of TCOM and its associated tools and approaches.

Timothy Fall

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Audio producer and engineer Timothy Fall is a writer, actor and multimedia creator alongside Kristen Cerelli at ActuallyQuiteNice Studios, where they make podcasts and films and music and dinner.